Scheduled Building Inspections

If you would like to schedule an inspection please dial 575-737-6448. Please leave your name and phone number, building permit number, the type inspection you are requesting and the physical address.

NOTE: The following list is not in any specific order. The listed inspections will be conducted within 2 - 4 business days (Monday - Thursday ONLY) between 8am and 5pm. Please have the project available for inspection, as any locked gates/doors preventing inspectors to conduct the inspection could result in a re-inspection fee.  Approved plans and building permit must be on site at time of inspection. 

Inspections Scheduled

Permit Number
Inspection Type
Contractor Name
RES-ALT-23-139 Footing Bob
RES-ALT-23-057 Final Thomas
RES-ALT-23-044 Final Thomas
RES-ALT-23-114 Slab Mike
RES-ALT-23-071 Final Fence James
RES-ACC-23-059 Final Kieth
RES-ACC-23-080 Final Thomas
RES-ALT-23-065 Framing Howard
RES-ALT-23-073 Ext. Lath Thomas
RES-ALT-23-135 Footing Doug
RES-ALT-23-058` Final Uriel