Weekly Work Schedule

The following is the work planned for the week of 04/12/2021.  Any deviation from this plan will be noted in next week’s submittal.

District 1

• Transport UPM from Albuquerque
• Transport Unit #3100 from Albuquerque
• Clean inlets and outlets of culverts district wide
• Repair C-110 and A-029 Los Cordovas intersection
• PM and clean equipment

District 2

• Grade, clean culverts, and clean bar ditches on roads:

o B-043 Quintana Rd
o B-044 Jarocito Rd
o B-045 Latir Rd
o B-049 Sangre de Cristo Rd
o B-067

• PM and clean equipment

District 3

• Grade in Talpa and Llano Quemado areas
• Repair pot holes as needed district wide
• Inspect roads for maintenance needs district wide
• Check road signs district wide
• PM and clean equipment

Deviations from last week:
• Help District 5 cut tree
• Clean and move water trucks at OEM
• Move old pallets and broken boards

District 4

• Vegetation management in Rio Pueblo (Ranchitos) area
• Add material and grade roads:

o B-077 Valencia Lane
o B-081 Juan Martinez Rd
o A-064 Martinez Rd
o B-006 Acequia Madre
o B-005 Lower Hondo Rd
o B-143 Hondo-Seco
o AB-079 El Salto Rd

• Install 36”x40” culvert

District 5

• Replace runner board on Plaza Road Bridge
• Add material on Llano la Llegua Rd
• Spread cold mix on C-045 Fire House Road
• Grade:

o C-057 Valdez Rd
o C-056 Camino del Rio

Deviations from last week:
• Cut tree on C-00 El Valle Road that was cut halfway

Sign Technician

• Clean graffiti as needed
• Sign and post maintenance county wide
• Fabricate signs for inventory
• Create and install road name signs for Planning Department
• PM and clean equipment