Taos Central Dispatch



Is charged with providing and maintaining a consolidated Public Service Answering Point system within the County of Taos, serving the Towns, Villages and Tribal Reservations. Taos Central Dispatch will promote the delivery of public safety services in furtherance of the Public's Health, Safety and General Welfare of Taos County Citizens, visitors and residents.  Taos Central Dispatch receives all police, fire, medical and animal control calls as well as emergency 911 calls and non-emergency calls for those public safety agencies we serve and dispatches the appropriate agency to the location as needed.  Dispatch operates on a 24/7 day a week schedule.

Taos Central Dispatch is governed by a the Taos County E911 Governance Board that is made up of participating Local Governments within Taos County. 

Regular Public meetings of the E911 Governance Board are every first Wednesday of the Month at 10:00 am in the Taos County Commission Chambers.

Online Request for Public Records

You can now submit a request for public records, please use the following link. If you have any issues pleas call (575) 737-6380 or email: anna.martinez@taoscounty.org.

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