Assessor's Office


105 Albright Street
Suite A
Taos, NM 87571



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Monday to Friday
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
By Appointment Only

Name Title Email Phone
Aguilar, Elizabeth Assessment Specialist I 575-737-3871
Arellano, Amanda Appraiser Technician 575-737-6367
Cintas, Juan Senior Appraiser 575-737-6370
Dimas, Maria County Assessor 575-737-6374
Dominguez, Rick Corey Appraiser 575-737-6353
Evans, Natalie GIS Tech II 575-737-6364
Hines, Patrick GIS Tech III 575-737-3875
Lopez-Gonzales, Veronica Librarian 575-737-3870
Martinez, Anthony GIS Coordinator 575-737-6365
Martinez, Lily Appraiser Technician 575-737-6354
Montoya, Ronnie Appraiser Technician 575-737-6363
Mooney, Michael Chief Appraiser 575-737-6376
Perez-Vega, Leticia Assessment Specialist I 575-737-6378
Rael, Daniel Appraiser 575-737-6369
Rael, Don GIS Analyst 575-737-6373
Ramirez, Christina Deputy County Assessor 575-737-3874
Rascon, Cheryl Office Manager 575-737-6361
Romero, Duella Assessment Specialist III 575-737-6368
Romero, Elena Senior Assessment Specialist 575-737-6371
Salazar, Barbara Appraiser Technician 575-737-6377
Serna, Sherry Appraiser Technician 575-737-6362
Trujillo, Alecxander Appraiser Technician 575-737-6356