DWI Program


Reduce the ocTaos County DWI Program Badgecurrence of drinking and driving in Taos County through prevention, education, enforcement, adjudications and sanctions.

The Taos County DWI Program is continually striving to improve services to communities within Taos County. By extending our services in a collaborative effort with other agencies and non-profit organizations, we can make positive changes in our communities.

Primary Functions

  • Coordinates program development, financial management and funding acquisition
  • Organizes, directs and performs program public relations
  • Organizes prevention education events and deliver public addresses to educate and solicits support for our program
  • Conducts site visits at schools to solicit education on DWI for students and faculty
  • Conducts monthly DWI Planning Council meetings; coordinates the preparation of meeting agenda; attends and participates in meetings
  • Solicits community DWI input-needs in collaboration with the Underage Drinking Coalition and the Taos Alive Coalition through community meetings


Short Term Goal

  • To enhance the Compliance Monitor/Tracker component and the Prevention/Teen Court components

Long-Term Goals

  • To ensure continuous improvement of the DWI reduction initiative throughout Taos County
  • Coordinating and soliciting community involvement and participation