The Solid Waste Department of Taos County will provide a comprehensive solid waste collection, diversion, and disposal system, in the interest of all County residents with a community updated database and will prudently conduct business in a fair manner that is sensitive to and maximizes customer satisfaction.    

Short Term Goals

  • Construct retaining walls at the Chamisal transfer station
  • Purchase a new roll off truck
  • Purchase a new recycle truck
  • Upgrade the Solid Waste Equipment
  • Establish recycling at all County Government Buildings
  • Install cameras at illegal dumping sites throughout Taos County and prosecute offenders

Long Term Goals

  • New solid waste and recycling facility
  • 50% recycling at all 8 transfer Stations
  • 100% Tarp compliance to prevent litter on the roadways
  • Certify 8 Attendants for transfer station, recycling certifications
  • Establish methane testing at all 5 closed County landfills (30 yr. Plan NMED)
  • Establish recycling at all local schools

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