Our mission is that of human detention of persons ordered by the court and the provision of opportunities for the personal improvement of those confined.

As a public service institution, the juvenile detention center must serve the community as a segment to the criminal justice system. To gain respect, as an asset to the community, the correction staff must approach their mission with the attitude and behavior that evokes honesty, integrity and professionalism. 

A positive attitude toward the mission of the detention center and actions aimed toward the humane treatment of those confined can guarantee honor in the profession in which it is demanded.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Provide a safe, secure setting for juveniles charged for some offense, pending more appropriate, long term placement
  • Establish various programs and activities
  • Enforce strict policies of juveniles dictating or abusing others
  • Ensure the child is more capable of adjusting to his return to the community or to long term placement outside the child’s home upon leaving the center 



  • 18 beds
  • 24 hour, long-term facility
  • Operates on three eight hours shifts 
  • Owned and operated by the County and certified to operate as such  by CYFD 
  • Average population is 16 per month, 200 per year



  • Education - provided and funded by the Taos Municipal Schools. One classroom instructor   and funds for supplies, computers, etc.              
  • Medical - provided by EMS                  
  • Religion - as requested by residents
  • Interaction - other agencies such as Law Enforcement, Court System, EMS, Juvenile Probation and Parole Department, and Juvenile Drug Court
  • Other Entities Served - Colfax, Union and San Miguel Counties and Taos Tribal  

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