It is the mission of the Taos County Sheriff's Office to provide professional, responsive, and caring law enforcement services to the residents, visitors and businesses of Taos County. 

We believe a safe community can only exist through a partnership with our employees, residents, businesses and other public entities.  

We pledge to provide all services in an expeditious, effective and courteous manner while encouraging community participation in the development of goals and objectives for our organization.  

We will strive to be leaders and a national model in all aspects of law enforcement, and homeland security.


Duties & Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of Taos County Sheriff’s Office include but are not limited to:

  • The preservation of public peace
  • Detect and prevent the commission of crime
  • Enforce the laws and ordinances of the State County
  • Apprehend and arrest criminals and those violate or are lawfully accused of violating such laws and ordinances
  • Preserve order at public places; to maintain safe and orderly flow of traffic on public streets and highways
  • Cooperate with and assist law enforcement agencies in carrying out their respective duties and discharge its duties and responsibilities with the dignity and manner which will inspire public confidence and respect


Links & Resources

Submit an anonymous tip now online (www.p3tips.com/712)
Download the P3 Tips mobile app to submit anonymous tips via smartphone (http://p3intel.com/mobileapp.htm)

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