Mission Statement

Floodplain Management consists primarily of assessing flood risk for structures prior to construction.

State and Federal construction projects are subject to an extensive engineering review that includes hydrologic analysis and environmental impact. This also applies to large commercial projects.

Local construction that falls within a floodplain is regulated by local government  using FEMA and EPA standards. This protects watersheds, wetlands, and rivers from sedimentation, and chemical or biological pollution (EPA). And it prevents property losses to citizens that could be significant in the event of a flood (FEMA). 

Taos County Floodplain Management Document  


Contact Information:

Taos County 
105 Albright Street, Suite H
Taos, NM  87571
Ph:  (575) 737-6440
Fax:  (575) 737-6449


Reference Materials: 

Ordinance No. 2009-01

Resolution No. 2010-46

Instruction to Find Floodplain Maps

Instruction to Find Floodplain Maps for PRP

Guide to Manual Research

Lenders Preferred Risk Policy (PRP)

Preferred Risk Policy Brochure

PRP Extension Eligibility Flowchart

PRP Agent Fact Sheet

Understanding Flood Insurance and Grandfathering Rule 

Elevation Certificate

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