Taos County will maintain various internal controls and operating mechanisms to ensure proper management of County funds.  Taos County will also issue timely payments of goods and services rendered.

 In addition, Taos County will also work diligently to assure collection responsibility of various income and apply these resources appropriately.  The County will retain detailed and accurate files for public review and substantiate all income and expenses which will provide the public with a clear understanding regarding the management and use of public funds.


  • The Finance Department tracks and monitors various cash balances and expenditures.  In addition, Finance prepares budget adjustments, performs various budget analysis and tracks and monitors capital improvement and grant related projects.
  • The Finance Department performs monthly tasks, including monthly and quarterly reconciliations.  The processing of budget adjustments (BAR’s) and reports required by the NM Department of Finance and Administration – Local Government Division.
  • The Finance Department is also responsible for coordinating annual external audits.
  • Finance also directs and coordinates year-end closing functions.  In addition, Finance is responsible for posting fund transfers, auditor’s entries and journal entries.
  • The Finance Department monitors enterprise accounts for billing and collection procedures and implements County-wide compliance with Procurement Policies, Accounts Payable as well as Payroll, IT and Assets Management
  • For questions regarding accounts payable, please send correspondence to:  

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