Weekly Work Schedule

The following is the work planned for the week of 07/26/2021.  Any deviation from this plan will be noted in next week’s submittal.

District 1

  • Grade A-072 Camino Tortuga
  • Maintenance on road to Veterans Cemetery (Arroyo del Alamos Circle)
    • Drainage
    • Erosion control
  • Vegetation management district wide
  • PM and clean equipment

Deviations from last week:

  • Assisted Kit Carson Electric with trash cleanup at U.S. Hill
  • Road inspection on A-030 Las Tusas Road and A-072 Camino Tortuga
  • Took 2 loads of sand to Picuris Pueblo
  • PM and clean equipment

District 2

  • Vegetation management district wide
  • Maintenance on B-070 Valley of the Pines
    • Call for Locates
    • Replace 12” culvert with a 24” culvert
  • Check sink hole on B-011 Camino del Medio
  • PM and clean equipment

District 3

  • Vegetation management district wide
  • Repair potholes district wide
  • Move cutting edges for fleet
  • PM and clean equipment

District 4

  • Trenching and covering utility lines at AG Center
  • Repair potholes
    • BA-013 Rio Lucero
    • B-143 Hondo-Seco
  • PM and clean equipment

District 5

  • Transport Brush Hog from Questa to Peñasco Shop
  • Vegetation management
    • Trim brush on C-043 Cuchilla Rd
  • Grade roads
    • C-026 Ramp #1
    • C-028 Ramp #3
    • C-029 Ramp #4
    • C-023 Llano la Legua Hill Rd
  • PM and clean equipment

Sign Technician

  • Clean graffiti as needed
  • Sign and post maintenance county wide
  • Fabricate signs for inventory
  • Create and install road name signs for Planning Department
  • PM and clean equipment