Weekly Work Schedule

The following is the work planned for the week of 10/25/2021.  Any deviation from this plan will be noted in next week’s submittal.

District 1

  • Grade roads:
    • A-072 Camino Tortuga
  • Vegetation management district wide
    • Tree trimming
  • Repair pot holes as needed district wide
  • Assist other Departments as needed
  • PM and clean equipment

Deviations from last week

  • Installed spreaders and plows on Units 3237 and 3232
  • Graded A-074 Avenida de Veronica

District 2

  • Replace culvert on B-055 Jarosa Rd
  • Grade roads:
    • B-050 State Line Road
    • B-051 Top of the World Farms
    • B-049 Sangre de Cristo
  • PM and clean equipment

District 3

  • Grade roads in Talpa and Llano Quemado areas
  • Install new road signs in Llano Quemado area
  • Training for new hire
  • Haul salt to OEM pile
  • PM and clean equipment

District 4

  • Pot hole repairs District wide
  • Grade roads in Arroyo Hondo, Arroyo Seco, and Upper Las Colonias areas
  • PM and clean equipment

District 5

  • Reinstall knocked down stop sign on C-007 Old Dump Rd
  • Haul base course to Peñasco yard
  • Smash dumpsters at Chamisal Transfer Station
  • Clean bar ditches on Ramps
  • Snow removal as needed
  • Tree trimming on C-011 Plaza Rd
  • PM and clean equipment

Sign Technician

  • Clean graffiti as needed
  • Sign and post maintenance county wide
  • Fabricate signs for inventory
  • Create and install road name signs for Planning Department
  • PM and clean equipment