Management                    Information Systems                           (MIS)


Mission Statement

To perform a variety of administrative and complex technical duties related to planning, organizing, and coordinating the countywide information systems and data processing systems.

Duties & Responsibilities 

M.I.S. is Taos county’s I.T. Department. Our job is to provide I.T. support and a full array of network services, to all county offices and employees. Services provided by the MIS Department include:

Coordinating I.T. procurement; Deploying computers, printers, scanners and other I.T. equipment used by the county in its daily operations; Engage and collaborate with contractors & I.T. vendors to design, install & configure county networks, structured cabling, routers & switching devices; Setup and management of firewalls and security appliances; 

The M.I.S. Department also handles the Installation, operation, and  maintenance of the county’s data and communications network, managing software licensing, and the procurement of vendor support contracts in addition to I.T equipment upgrades & replacements. The department also keeps all endpoints up to date and ensures that all workstations and servers are are running the lates endpoint protection software, and for provisioning all new computers deployed on the county’s networks. 

In our free time, the M.I.S. Department provides help desk services to over three hundred end-users working in any of twenty independent county offices, departments, or entities, as well as for several other non-county agencies on a limited basis.

The M.I.S. department’s scope of duties extends to include administration of the county’s telecommunications, email system, and managing its wireless services. This website is also managed and supported by the department MIS Department. Other areas of responsibility include the management of multiple Microsoft Active Directory domains and VMWare implementations and to monitor and maintain dozens of physical and virtual servers, running an assortment of operating systems. 

We also setup/tear-down, perform tests, troubleshoot and maintain the county’s Audio/Visual presentation systems, and coordinate all technical aspects of conducting and broadcasting live-streams of public meetings over the Internet  

Finally, the department is also tasked with the upkeep and repair of the county’s security, surveillance systems, access-controls systems and associated databases. .

By the numbers, the M.I.S. department supports:

  • 300+ end-user accounts;
  • Approximately 200 full-time computer users at ten different locations throughout Taos County;
  • 250+ Windows workstations; 
  • Over 100 mobile devices (smart phones, laptops & tablets); 
  • Multiple Microsoft Domains;
  • Over two-dozen servers running many different operating systems including Windows Server, Linux, and even a Unix server on hardware by Dell, HP, IBM and other hardware platforms;
  • An Exchange server and a cloud-based email security solution;
  • Many firewalls by many different manufacturers.
  • An I.T. Assets tracking database;
  • Between 30-40 network switches; 
  • A help desk ticket management system; 
  • One Taos County website.
  • 225 VoIP IP and circuit-switched analog telephone and fax devices from multiple vendors and services providers;
  • 75+ printers;
  • Several SANs and NASs servers;
  • One backup system;
  • 12+ Terabytes of user’s data;
  • 5 ESXi hosts, that run over a dozen virtual machines;
  • Countless other technical devices unique to various county offices.

And the numbers for the M.I.S. Help Desk:

  • In 2019 (as of December 16th) we have responded to over 2,045 individual help-desk service request tickets  submitted by employees in every county office, to help resolve an endless variety of I.T. and computer related issues; 
  • And in 2018 the MIS Department closed/resolved a total of over 2,000 user-submitted help-desk tickets!